Tender Tears

by Sorry Yall

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Six years since the death of my holy brother Ricky David Norris III and I'm finally able to say something about the man. His music says it all, we couldn't understand it at the time, but it was all there.
The loneliness, the immortal tears of celebration, true love slapstick routines. He loved everyone too much. We played this music together and planned for its unbelievable underappreciation, we made music together in celebration of the gospel of love, the soul of the bards sang with him! He taught us all a thing or two about celebrating.
"Sorry yall, we're just having a ball, a couple low down dirty outlaws" He told it all, dirty and round, cornbread and jelly. He cared about everyone too much, even his 1/2 cousins. He got brainwashed by some Krisna monks. He loved Jesus and Trains, "listen to the train!" Sorry Yall, but we meant it all.
Smelly feet, just one pillow. Ketchup and snot up and down his sleave. Singing up and down these lonely wet streets, "If you love me thats me, if you love me its me." He meant it too.
In 2000 and Zen He was writing parables in song: He crooned to his doom, his big soft heart, he really loved himself too. He could speak for the multitudes, it was all wbout love, totally immersive eternal celebration. He knew he was the champion superstar of his generation. It was always about the friends, family, the brothers and sisters. He got the people together and then we all celebrated our lives with music and tru love and harmonies and routines.
Sorry Yall, but you loved it. He celebrated death too, he delivered. He was fearless, he sang to keep from cryin, he made mistakes on purpose. He wanted to make a harsh noise comedy tape, i wanted him to sing some songs, we compromised on this album "Tender Tears", all recorded during various American celebration hymns in 2010-11. To inspire celebration was our method of procedure. Quality of recording was not considered. We sang all the time, its good to hear his voice again, shouting out, humming along, bellowing down.
We recorded this music together and the plan was all there, just ran out of time. So this is the final apology
; Love Yall


released January 1, 2010



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Akashic Records Birmingham, Alabama


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Track Name: trouble
you can get it if you want/ come and get it if you want/
got a friend named trouble/ looks alot like you
got a friend named trouble/ tells me what to do
fucks and swears and hardly cares/ and im trouble too
cuz im trouble too/ now how about you
got a friend named trouble,
Track Name: Untitled
what the fuck do you mean by co-dependence/ who gives a fuck about independence/ if you got love you dont need no one above/ cuz you got kissin and touchin and hugs/ wake up in the morning ill smoke all my stash/ your titties look so good when youre smokin my hash/ and who needs freedom if you got love that lasts/ who needs freedom if you got love that lasts
Track Name: Deadbeat Hunk
I dont like living anymore/ my life's become such a bore/ I took all of my love and spent it down at the liquor store/ find me passed out on the street/ dont know nothing about being sweet/ if you wanna come and see come and see/ im just an old gutter drunk, a passed out deadbeat hunk/ whos not gonna mention you before its done/ let my ciggarettes burn.
Track Name: Sober Sex
Dont look at me with those eyes/ I know I look that way but I gotta suprise/ Im the type of guy who likes to cuddle/ looking for a girl who needs a jacket for a puddle/ so dont flirt with me at the bar no, if you dont wanna have sober sex tommorrow.